ELRD’s Basic Skills Boot Camp

Basic Skills Boot Camp is a comprehensive roller derby training course, run twice a week for 8 consecutive weeks. No prior experience is necessary in order to participate! That includes never having skated before. No really, we’re serious. 75% of people who are currently on our team started with ZERO skating experience and they've gone on to become some of our best skaters. If want to learn, we can help you make that happen! During our boot camp we teach you proper skating form and stance, agility, game play, strategy and everything in between that will allow you to become a successful and safe skater. The boot camp is run by our most experienced coaching and training staff, accompanied by help from the current ELRD experienced skaters. Our boot camp’s foundation is focused on developing skaters to their full potential, regardless of prior skill, experience and ability; never limiting or discriminating any member. Ever. Our organization prides itself on providing participants the best possible opportunity to flourish in a safe and positive environment.

The first 3 weeks we heavily focus on Level 1 beginner course skills; teaching stops, falls, and proper derby stance and skating form. After the completion of the Level 1, skaters move onto Levels 2 & 3 consecutively, followed by a minimum safety skills test at the conclusion of the boot camp. The boot camp is designed to prepare participants to take the WFTDA minimum skills test which must be passed for skaters to play in bouts and scrimmages. For more information on WFTDA minimum skills, please visit, https://wftda.com/the-game/training/

Our boot camp offers a flexible attendance option! Although it is true, if you attend each session, you will see more noticeable progress, we also understand, life happens and you may not be able to make it every time. That is A-OK. Start skating and attend practice when you can. Our trainers will be working with your skill level on an individual basis, which means even if you miss a few, no worries, we will get you caught up to speed. ELRD firmly believes that your progress is your journey, and you won't be limited to, or pushed past your comfort zone to the match the progress of those around you. If you find yourself taking a bit more time to pick up the skills than others we will still make sure you succeed, just at your own pace.


Our Next Boot Camp starts June 9, 2019

Did we mention, NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! We will teach you everything you need to know. We are recruiting skaters, referees and non-skating officials.

Summer 2019 Boot Camp Sessions Overview

First day of boot camp - Sunday, June 9th
Last day of boot camp - Wednesday, July 31st
Home Bout Welcome Aboard - Saturday, June 22nd
Skills Testing - Sunday, August 4th

Dates & Times

Sundays from 5:30-8:30pm & Wednesdays from 8:30-10:00pm
Sunday sessions will be focused on learning new content and our track space will be 100% devoted to the boot camp. On Wednesdays we will be reviewing and practicing what was learned from the Sunday session. 30 minutes of the Wednesday sessions are run during the same time frame as normal league practice, so although you will be working on basic skills, you will have the opportunity to interact with your future teammates and get incorporated into the team. The remaining hour will be focused on review. Can't make it one day that week? No problem, we will get you caught up based off of where you are at in your skills development!

ORIENTATION is held on Monday, June 3rd from 7:00-10:00pm at Court One Training Center. We will have an information orientation, followed by gear fitting and scrimmage observation so you can see roller derby live! Can't make it to orientation? No problem! Register for boot camp anyway. Our training staff will be in contact to give you details via email. Plan to show up day one of boot camp roughly 30-40 minutes early to fill out necessary waivers and if needed, find loaner gear.


$80 due day 1 of camp or upon registration
We accept cash or check [checks made out to “East Lansing Roller Derby”]
or online payments via Paypal [groupsales@mittenmavens.net]
or Venmo (contact for further details)


All training sessions are held at our home venue Court One Training Center

What you will need

  • Athletic Apparel (clothes you can sweat in)

  • Water Bottle

  • Roller Derby gear (Loaner gear is available)

Gear can be purchased ahead of time for best fit, however we do have loaner gear available and we will go over our recommendations for gear at orientation. The items you will need are:

  1. Roller Derby Quad Skates

  2. Helmet

  3. Knee pads

  4. Elbow pads

  5. Wrist Guards

  6. Mouth Guard

Here are some resources you can use to learn more about roller derby gear.
WFTDA Gear Up!
Derbylife Rookie Guide to Gear

Visit our sponsor, Lulu at All About Derby to pick up all your roller derby needs! Even better, you get a discount when you say you are with ELRD.

The Skills Levels

Skaters progressively learn the skills required to play roller derby in three level sections.


  • Stopping (Plow, Knee Drop, T-stop)

  • Roller Derby stance

  • Strides, pushing, and crossovers

  • Speed control

  • Basic Agility

  • Endurance training

  • Proper and controlled falling form


  • Advanced agility

  • Turning around/ Skating backwards

  • Jumping & Landing

  • Skating around and avoiding other skaters

  • Pack work (skating in a group)

  • Basic game play & strategy


  • Positional blocking

  • Contact by leaning

  • Assists (whips and pushes)

  • Advanced rules & strategy

  • Full Contact - Hitting (receiving and giving)

  • Endurance (27/5)

Participants have a number of ways to get involved with the league:

  • Women (including cis, transgender, & intersex women, and gender expansive participants) who are 18 or older are eligible to join as a rosterable skating participant.

  • Everyone 18 or older is eligible to become an official or volunteer
    (Referee and Non-Skating Official)

Upon completion of the boot camp, participants of this camp have the option to join the East Lansing Roller Derby league whether they pass through all of their skills or not. If you don't pass, don't worry. The moment you decide you are a part of the team, you are. At the conclusion of boot camp, all participants are eligible to become ELRD members and begin to pay their monthly membership dues. There are no specific tryouts and you won't get cut. Participants who do not pass their skills test on their first attempt are invited to continue practicing at our regular team practices, continue working on skills and take skills test again during next testing cycle. ELRD has a rolling admissions policy and re-test skaters who have not yet passed, 2-4 times per year.

ELRD has adopted WFTDA's gender policy, for more information, please visit https://wftda.com/wftda-gender-statement/

Please contact eastlansingrollerderby@gmail.com with any questions