OUR MISSION STATEMENT: East Lansing Roller Derby is a skater run, nonprofit 501(c)4 roller derby league committed to making the Greater Lansing Area an even better place to live. Within our league we strive to promote health and physical fitness, healthy competition and good sportswomanship, and to provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Within the community we work with like-minded organizations to provide volunteers, funding and support to further their goals and our common goal of improving life in the Lansing area.

Established in July of 2010, ELRD calls the northeast side of the Greater Lansing Area, specifically, East Lansing, Michigan, home. ELRD currently consists of two teams, the Mitten Mavens (our A-level, most competitive team) and the Broadbarians (our B-level, growth and development team). With time, we hope to grow and expand our league even further!

In 2014, the ELRD organization had the opportunity to give our brand, culture and mission a complete overhaul. Our new recipe for our growing success is simple; devote ourselves to a culture that truly embraces a positive and empowering environment, yet simultaneously provides a robust competitive and athletic experience. ELRD does not tolerate “Mean Girl Club” behavior. Our group is here for each other both on and off the track and we mean that. To this day, the core of our foundation is built upon this cultural concept.

PURPOSE: In every way possible, we strive to build and maintain an inclusive environment and league culture that promotes the goals of accepting, respecting, and valuing differences which include attributes such as age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual identity, ability, language, family circumstances, and cultural backgrounds. Our goal is to promote the sport of roller derby in an unbiased, positive, motivational, structured & safe training environment.

When I decided to give this a try I had no idea the amazing group of people that I was about to meet. Such a great atmosphere with awesome feedback on how we can all improve one day at a time.
— Michelle Scott (previous Maven)
I love the comradery and sportsmanship of ELRD. The entire team, from the coach and more experienced skaters to the newer teammates, are the most diverse and encouraging group of individuals I’ve ever met. I was uncertain about my abilities at my age, but the sense of empowerment I get from derby makes me feel alive and proud to be a part of this team.
This sport is about ALL body types being accepted and that everyone can be an athlete. I was always the bigger quiet girl growing up with no confidence. But once I found derby I felt like this was what I was made to do. It allows me to truly be myself and helps me grow everyday. I am no where near the same person I was when I started, I have grown so much.
— Muther Tucker #45